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Florida Community Management Services is a Management Service tailored to each individual Association. In taking care of your home and community a Homeowner and Association is afforded the best the industry has to offer. To that end we find that a growing number of high-end associations are choosing to separate management and finances, so they are not bound by one if the other does not work out to their satisfaction.

FCMS gives the Board of Directors more control of their Association.

We offer you a Management Service in its truest form

We simply manage your Association. We bring to you a very experienced Association C.P.A. firm to take care of your Community finances. We as Management will oversee any finance service that you should pick if you should have another already in place. We will also bring to you three or more closed bids for all services, as the Board customarily picks the vendors they will have management oversee. These bids will also give Management as well as the Board and Budget Committee fresh numbers to work with concerning the Associations Budget and Reserves.
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