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Florida Community Management Services (FCMS) is a state-licensed, full service Management company, tailored to the needs of each individual Association. FCMS thrives on providing the highest quality service and support for all of our communities.
Whether you are a community of five or five-thousand, we will be happy to assist you with all of your property management needs. We can manage any aspect of your association.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services.

Notes from the President:

"Nothing was more devastating to both home and life as was Hurricane Wilma. We were constantly on the phones with the Board of Directors of all our communities. As the hurricane took out all phones and electricity we had been keeping up with the tree, lawn, handyman, electricians and cleaning services as they were all instructed on what association was in need of them first. All Florida Community Management Services family of associations had manpower at their associations the same day. The parking lots had been or were in the process of being cleared within hours. The garbage and tree debris removal was negotiated and approved at each association. We had already called the insurance companies to get the claims started.

While we had limited electricity our offices and services were still running smoothly. We just could not imagine how other associations reacted to their management companies being down for as much as another two weeks."

Ted Brown
Florida Community Management Services

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